Not going away…

No, we haven’t gone away everyone.

Leo Notenboom here for the TEH podcast. We’ve skipped a few episodes this month and it’s because honestly, it’s been a pretty busy month for both Gary and myself. 

We certainly do hope to get back to recording episodes on a regular or at least semi regular basis pretty soon. 

But I just wanted to drop this in and let you all know that we’re still here. We don’t plan to go anywhere, it’s just been, you know, one of those summers. In fact, I’m actually recording this in a hotel room as I speak. So stay tuned for another TEH podcast com. We will be having new episodes at some point in the upcoming weeks. 

While you’re here you can always go visit the back issues. We’ve got 100 and some odd back episodes of the TEH podcast. And of course you’ll find me out at and Gary at Thanks for being here. 

1 Comment on “Not going away…

  1. Please don’t go away Leo & company.
    You guys have been providing excellent information, etc. to audiences like me.

    I usually download (not all) the podcasts and listen to them while I am having my usual coffee at Starbucks or wherever it may be.

    Keep up the good work and thank you all for everything.



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