TEH 001: I For One Welcome Our New A.I. Overlords

In This Episode: A laughable review of the new Kindle Oasis. Twitter goes 280. New “Quad9” DNS server protects against malware. Proposed ATSC 3.0 TV standard. The fragmentation of streaming for TV cord-cutters. Are kids’ smartwatches really “illegal” in Germany? And forget Mac vs. PC: the new “religious wars” may be about worshiping the right benevolent A.I. construct.

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Show Notes

Don’t know the meme behind the title of this episode? Here’s 48 seconds of entertaining education on the matter, from The Simpsons:

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  1. Very enjoyable, even if I didn’t quite understand everything. I especially enjoyed the bit about Quad 9 DNS. I wish I knew enough to understand how to set it up. Also learned quite a bit.


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