TEH 158: New Macs from Apple, Transcriptions and Computer Voices

In This Episode: New Macs from Apple, Transcriptions and Computer Voices

This week the TEH Podcast is hosted by Leo Notenboom, the “Chief Question Answerer” at Ask Leo!, and Gary Rosenzweig, the host and producer of MacMost, and mobile game developer at Clever Media.

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Top Stories

  • GR: Thoughts on the Mac Studio and Studio Display
    • 1:04 The new Mac: Mac Studio
    • 2:12 Does this replace the 27-inch iMac? Yes, and more. A re-alignment.
    • 3:00 Back to one size iMac
    • 3:39 What is the Studio Display? Max or Ultra.
    • 4:05  I called it on “Ultra” and that there would be a 2xM1 config
    • 7:00 New screen: Studio display
    • 11:00 GR: What I’m getting…
    • 12:00 Cameras and microphones
  • 25:20 GR: New phrase, “There is always going to be room for indecision.”
  • 27:40 LN: How I make transcripts. (Duct tape and baling wire.)
    • 28:25 Fav hack: Record on Pixel phone which automatically transcribes
    • 29:50 Happy Scribe for subtitles and accurate transcriptions
    • 31:15 Youtube automatic transcriptions
    • 35:00 Amazon services
    • 41:00 Transcription of this podcast by Happy Scribe vs. Pixel phone
    • 42:15 Other options and text to speech

Ain’t it Cool

BSP: Blatant Self-Promotion

2 Comments on “TEH 158: New Macs from Apple, Transcriptions and Computer Voices

  1. For speech to text, take a look at otter.ai
    Free version gives you 600 min. (10 hrs) each month, with a variety of things you can do with the transcription. Much better success rate than 85%, given your quality of speech.
    Here is a sample (including your stumbles) from this show, beginning at 44:48

    Unknown Speaker 0:07 As humans, not only do we sometimes get words wrong, right, you know, and we often get words wrong for different diet like different dialects of whatever so, you know, you’ve probably right I know I’ve got this Philadelphia accent because that’s where I grew up. And there’s there are words in the Philadelphia accent that are pronounced differently than if you’re from some other English speaking place. I’m not wrong when I say that, right? I grew up until I get that it’s out people until you pronounce it. You could go and say, well, technically it’s pronounced this way. And you’d be right, but I’m right to, you know, so it’s the same thing with something like a mispronunciation in Tik Tok. It’s like yeah, that’s wrong, but it’s kind of right for that tick tock boys. It’s like, that’s the that’s the Tick Tock accent.
    Unknown Speaker 1:00 It’s where it’s from. Yes, it’s worse.
    Unknown Speaker 1:02 And then they and then they actually become proved. I mean, think of the non English speakers watching Tic TOCs. Right. And that voice is saying a word or two wrong, and they’re learning English. From tick tock. So people are going to actually start using some of those myths for mispronunciations are actually going to become correct pronunciations or at least variations that are correct.
    Unknown Speaker 1:23 There because our to the extent we have any English teachers listening, there are a number of them that are just cringing right now.


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