TEH 206: AI is smart and dumb. Robots can be cute. And Passkeys.

In This Episode: AI is smart and dumb. Robots can be cute. And Pass keys.

This week the TEH Podcast is hosted by Leo Notenboom, the “Chief Question Answerer” at Ask Leo!, and Gary Rosenzweig, the host and producer of MacMost, and mobile game developer at Clever Media.

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Top Stories

  • 2:00 How’s about collecting data for vaccine reactions, and sore arms.
  • 5:00 GR: AI mishap when trying to summarize the last episode. It’s scary better and scary worse.
  • 9:15 You could have a podcast with ChatGPT.
    • GR: What The If (He’s been doing some of his podcasts where he interviews fictional and historical people using ChatGPT and ElevenLabs)
  • 12:30 LN: A video I shared with my patrons. Made exclusively with TEH listeners: Updating an article. It’s me using AI in a few ways to refresh an older article.
    • 15:00 Using it for images.
  • 17:00 GR: Adobe conference.
    • 19:50 LN: Cast Magic. Makes transcripts, bullet points, summary.
  • 20:30 GR: Disney Robot. Cute adorable robots. Emotive robots.
  • 22:00 GR: Also – Diplomacy Robots. https://www.wired.com/story/ai-diplomacy-robots/ Very nice robots who use diplomacy. Like ChatGTP is overly nice. More plausible future than futuristic sci-fi.
    • 26:00 Questionable Content.
    • 27:00 Disney robot walks through through the woods.
  • 31:00 LN: Battery technology and the future.
  • 34:00 Starlink enabling LTE mobile phones from satellite.
  • 35:15 LN: Passkeys & Google: https://blog.google/technology/safety-security/passkeys-default-google-accounts/ 
  • 41:30 GR: (Something other than computers) NASA’s Oxygen-Generating Experiment MOXIE Completes Mars Mission  
  • 44:00 Mars is a planet inhabited only by robots.
  • 45:45 Tie it all together with happy building robots.

Ain’t it Cool

  • 48:30 GR: Futurama is back 👍🏻
  • 51:30 LN: The Tudors on Prime (& Wikipedia)

BSP: Blatant Self-Promotion

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1 Comment on “TEH 206: AI is smart and dumb. Robots can be cute. And Passkeys.

  1. In the game of Diplomacy, “flipping the bit” is a legitimate strategy. “Cheating” is allowed.
    No chance is used in the game (based on ww1 europe). If you outnumber your opponents (via alliances) you win the battle. All battles are simultaneous. As you read your movements for the turn, others will read any of theirs that affect yours.
    You can break your treaties of alliance or do other things to find out what your likely opponents are planning.
    How long till the AI discovers that lying can do well if used judiciously. Kind of like the chat bots that became really ugly as they read interactions on the web.


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