TEH 220: Lots of AI. Software is art. iPad conundrum.

In This Episode: Lots of AI. Software is art. iPad conundrum.

This week the TEH Podcast is hosted by Leo Notenboom, the “Chief Question Answerer” at Ask Leo!, and Gary Rosenzweig, the host and producer of MacMost, and mobile game developer at Clever Media.

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Top Stories

  • 0:45 Aurora borealis.
    • 3:00 Disruptions in tech… no tech apocalypse
  • 4:00 GR: OpenAI announcements… rivalry 
    • Google: https://www.youtube.com/@OpenAI
    • 6:00 ChatGPT 40
    • 9:00 GR: Google IO can see stuff.
    • 10:00 Mac app… but no Windows app?
    • 11:30 Apple mystery?
    • 12:00 LN: Copilot?
    • 14:00 LN: Star Trek Discovery
    • 18:00 LN: Video resolution, and Android
    • 24:00 GR: Singing
    • 31:00 LN: What about Amazon?
  • 33:00 LN: The “death” of programming (or coding) due to AI.
    • 36:00 GR: It’s more like documentation on steroid.
    • 38:00 LN: Increased processing power
    • 41:00 LN: Software can be art
  • 45:00 GR: New iPad Pro with M4 SoC reignites “MacBook or iPad” conundrum
    • 55:00 The future

Ain’t it Cool

  • 56:00 LN: Hinterland on AmazonPrime/Acorn. Crime series set in Wales. 3 seasons (series). Muder du jour + a corruption arch.
  • 57:20 GR: New Doctor Who episodes

BSP: Blatant Self-Promotion

3 Comments on “TEH 220: Lots of AI. Software is art. iPad conundrum.

  1. I see it as AI replacing pogramming. Instead of telling a programmer what to do, a software designer will instruct an AI program to write the code. There will still be program designers but I see the coder market will be significantly reduced.

  2. What a boring podcast! Why do podcasters have to spend the first few minutes talking about ” what they did over the weekend” or some other trivia which is only of interest to themselves? Why can’t they get to the point right away? I usually end up turning off, simply out of sheer boredom, well before they start giving the message they set out to convey.


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