TEH 005: Make Sure Your Bugs Are Current

In This Episode: Should you follow Computerworld’s advice and “Make sure Windows Auto Update is turned off”? (No!) Patreon’s mighty back-pedaling: is it enough damage control, and what will non-techie creators do now? The new iMac Pro: a “$13,000+ computer”? Does Bitcoin actually use as much power as all of Denmark, or is something fishy about this? And: Did Facebook really “admit” that using Facebook is “bad for you”? (Not exactly….) Note we’re breaking for the holidays: back in early January!

This Week’s Hosts

Show Notes

  • Leo: The Hacker News’ warning about a critical Windows update to the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine, and shockingly, Computerworld thinks it’s time to turn off Windows Update?!?
  • Randy: Patreon walks back their recently announced changes, which resulted in Patrons leaving the site in droves. Here’s their textbook-perfect apology and plans for now. Randy and Leo both made a “roll-your-own” alternative for their readers who felt burned by Patreon (Randy’s | Leo’s).
  • Gary briefs us about the new iMac Pro …and the promises of things to come from Apple.
  • Ken wonders: is Bitcoin ruining the environment? Grist thinks so, but IEEE Spectrum puts a little less scare into it, even though they agree it’s an awful lot of energy (but there are solutions).
  • Randy explores whether Facebook really said using Facebook can be bad for you. CNBC uses a says Facebook “admitted” it, but the whole thing was really started by ex-Facebook exec Chamath Palihapitiya, who was talking about all social media, not just Facebook. (Youtube, CBS News, Facebook’s News Room, The Verge). We’d love to know what you think in the comments!
  • Ken’s Juiced.GS is the longest-running last remaining print publication dedicated to the Apple II computer.

8 Comments on “TEH 005: Make Sure Your Bugs Are Current

  1. Re turning off Windows updates: Unfortunately, it’s the same mentality as the anti-vaccine crowd. “OMG, somebody on the Internet said that this ‘fix’ caused problems so it *must* be a conspiracy or evil plot to harm us all!” Idiots.

    Being a long-time Unix/Linux user, I’ve never been a big fan of Windows. Be that as it may, the point is that it’s rather stupid to blindly ignore OS updates or software patches on any platform. If the “fix” (or vaccine) is intended to solve or prevent known problems, it’s likely a good thing even if it does end up not working out as planned or causes other issues for .01% of those who accept it. Yes, there is always a risk of unintended consequences, but it is wise to make an INFORMED decision about such matters. That’s called thinking, which seems to be a dwindling commodity for a large portion of the population these days.

  2. So, I finally find something I like on the interwebs, and now you’re breaking for two weeks?!!


    Enjoy your time and families, outings, etc.

  3. Unfortunately I don’t use ITunes but I will certainly give you an upvote. I have listened to all 5 podcasts and I will wait for the next one. You have won a place in my bookmarks bar. I like that though you may have things to say I don’t have to deal with one person talking over the other. CIVIL DISCOURSE yea! I also like taking a tech subject and broadening the discussion to life in general. Keep it up.


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