TEH 006: Having a Meltdown over Spectre

In This Episode: Scare headlines over new exploits that will result in all your passwords and credit card numbers being swiped by Bad Guys? Maybe not. Same with the password manager autofill “problem.” And the headlines about how cell phones are some sort of health risk. Alexa is everywhere! And Tech that died in 2017.

This Week’s Hosts

Show Notes

  • The Intel CPU kernel flaw: some good sources for information are MeltdownAttack.com, ZDnet, and of course AskLeo!. Plus: XKCD weighs in on it with its own explanation.
  • California’s Dept. of Health “warns” about cell phone health risks. (Techcrunch)
  • Alexa: it’s everywhere! (Because, Techcrunch says, Amazon is releasing the SDK widely). Even in a light switch?! (C|net)
  • Example scare story about password managers’ supposed security risk: “Browser-based password managers are being exploited by advertisers” on BGR.
  • 17 Technologies that Died in 2017 (PC World)

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