TEH 016: The Linux of Colleges

In This Episode: The Eero Wi-Fi home system. Self-driving Uber kills pedestrian. University of Arizona tries to determine which students may drop out. The Atari VCS console that may or may not one day exist. What Airgapping is and the scary things that could come of it.

This Week’s Hosts

  • Leo Notenboom, “Chief Question Answerer” at tech education site Ask Leo!
  • Gary Rosenzweig host and producer of MacMost, and mobile game developer at Clever Media.
  • Kevin Savetz, web site publisher and Computer Historian at Atari Podcast.
  • Longer Bios on the Hosts page.

Show Notes

  • Nonograms again: Kevin likes Gary’s now game, Nonograms Unlimited (available on iTunes).
  • Kevin talked about his new Eero system. Randy has a point-to-point radio system (similar to this) to connect the house to the office …that’s a third of a mile away.
  • Leo brought up the news of a self-driving Uber that ran over (and killed) a (jaywalking?) pedestrian: coverage in the Washington Post and Techcrunch — and the XKCD comic mentioned in that topic.
  • Kevin talked about the University of Arizona trying to predict who might drop out (The Verge).
  • Kevin was talkative tonight! The Atari VCS console that may or may not one day exist, also from The Verge.
  • Leo brought up Air Gapping (Naked Security).
  • The Colossal Cave Adventure and Colossus: the Forbin Project.
  • Leo is the Master of Ceremonies at an upcoming charity event.

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