TEH 017: Facebook (Pro, Con, & In Between)

In This Episode: Facebook has been hit with a lot of bad press lately, and we discuss whether you should be worried about your privacy. Should you #DeleteFacebook? SpaceX and Tesla did. And new lower-cost tablets from Google (Chrome OS) and Apple (iPad).

This Week’s Hosts

Show Notes

  • Leo talked about the fundraiser he did for an animal rescue charity (WASART), and we did find a pic of the t-shirt he mentioned (but the tie is still TBD).
  • We talked about how Ars Technica thinks it blew the lid off a Facebook scandal: Facebook scraped call, text message data for years from Android phones …but did they?
  • See Facebook’s full-page apology ad on Twitter
  • CNBC’s headline Monday morning was “Facebook stock craters after FTC launches data leak investigation” but later, they changed the head to a little less alarmist “Facebook stock slides after FTC launches probe of data scandal”. The problem? Monday’s FB stock price was actually up (by 66 cents/share)! (CNBC)
  • As Randy noted, you can see what Facebook thinks you’re interested in here.
  • CEO Elon Musk deleted the Facebook pages for his SpaceX and Tesla companies (Gizmodo), giving a new push to the #DeleteFacebook trend
  • Gary talked about the new Chrome OS Tablet (TechCrunch) and word that Apple will respond with a new iPad that’s priced to compete (MacRumors), and may support a (new? cheaper?) Apple Pencil (tech2 News)
  • Randy mentioned the amazing (but long!) bio of Alexander Hamilton.

3 thoughts on “TEH 017: Facebook (Pro, Con, & In Between)

  1. My Facebook account was deleted by the company after it was hacked. This occurred on December 21st and I really do not miss it.

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