TEH 018: Breach of the Week

In This Episode: Ready Player One! There’s a good way for a company to handle a data breach, and there’s a bad way — and this week, there was an example of each. The latest in Space. And if Apple makes their own processors, will that break existing software? (There’s varying opinions….)

This Week’s Hosts

Show Notes

  • In the warmup, Kevin talked about the battery “peak performance” indicator in the iPhone update and the London science museum, Gary mentioned the Ready Player One movie (but really prefers the book), Kevin talked about the Moviepass card, Randy talked about seeing Hamilton, and Leo’s new book is now out in paperback.
  • Leo talked about the latest data breaches involving MyFitnessPal, which did a great job of handling it, and Panera Bread …who didn’t.
  • Randy talked about the scare headlines about the “falling Chinese space station!” — but it wasn’t that big a deal: it was small enough to fit into the cargo bay of the space shuttle. Anything that survived re-entry splashed down in the Pacific (Space News)
  • Gary brought up that Apple may be ready to make their own processor chips: will that break existing Mac software? (The Verge)
  • Randy noted that SpaceX got FCC approval for their space-based Starlink broadband system — but there’s a catch that’s probably a good idea (Space News)

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  1. Comparing a book to the movie, the movie will often come up short. They trade dialog and character development for CGI or something the director wants to focus on that the author passed up.


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