TEH 091: Furniture stores make masks, sharing with kids, and a break for new computers!

In This Episode: Incredible local support in time of crises, broken dryers, and a short break from the end of the world to look at new computers!

This week the TEH Podcast is hosted by Leo Notenboom, the “Chief Question Answerer” at Ask Leo!, and Gary Rosenzweig, the host and producer of MacMost, and mobile game developer at Clever Media.

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6 Comments on “TEH 091: Furniture stores make masks, sharing with kids, and a break for new computers!

  1. I’m surprised that Leo just learned about online appliance repair sites. Some even have videos of how to do jobs that show the “tricks” that make the job easier. I assumed that you guys were all “handy” guys (including Randy in that) who would generally ask “can I do it” and “what is the proper way to do it”.
    The what and why of a company being “essential” gets debated a lot. Liquor stores?
    Now I have to ask if the people who are going to replace our siding next week (our stay at home order starts saturday) will be coming. I have a few things I want to change (some outside outlet locations) right before it is done. Much lower risk of them spreading the virus than in a crowded grocery store.
    My brother (lives in a state where the rules just went into effect) just found a gotcha. Car needed repair but order went into effect just after the diagnosis. Shop could repair the car (essential) but the repairs are more expensive than appropriate for the age and value of the car. He was then told that the car sales part of the dealership were closed as non-essential.

    • Oh, I didn’t just learn about ’em. I’ve known about them for years — including the YouTube stuff (which are generally frustratingly slow — just get to the point and tell me what part I need! Smile). I mention it as “ain’t it cool” because it’s a perfect resource during these times. People who can’t get out can get random things delivered, and people who can’t get repairmen to come have this awesome online resource.

      Essential: turns out household repair and maintenance is considered so, and our repair man could have made it. And yes, the liquor (and pot) shops remain essential as well.

  2. Zoom might be free but it doesn’t make it great. Especially since when you leave it alone for a bit it can hang and you can’t kill the process (at least on Win 10) (thanks Microsoft 🙁 ). Rebooting my system to fix an app is not a good thing. Once could be an anomaly but 3x on 3 different occasions is NOT really a good experience even if it is free.

  3. Leo, I’m way behind in listening to TEH Podcasts. (I actually was in no condition to listen to and comprehend a podcast when this was released. I’d just had a TKR.) I just wanted to thank you for mentioning and linking to your article on trusting internet information. I took the liberty of sharing it on my FB page, tagging some friends who really need to take it to heart. I also made that post public in the hopes that more people will read it and follow the advice you give there.


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