TEH 112: Getting wet and staying dry, off grid adventures, new Apple releases, Grandpad tablets.

In This Episode: Off grid adventures, Apple announcements, keeping dry in rain and river, and creating tablets for seniors.

This week the TEH Podcast is hosted by Leo Notenboom, the “Chief Question Answerer” at Ask Leo!, and Gary Rosenzweig, the host and producer of MacMost, and mobile game developer at Clever Media.

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2 thoughts on “TEH 112: Getting wet and staying dry, off grid adventures, new Apple releases, Grandpad tablets.”

  1. I was curious what this link was: https://www.grandpad.net/
    The first thing I noticed at that link was “… without the use of WiFi …”.
    I read a few more pages to see how this was done and how much it costs. Couldn’t find anything. It’s either not there or well buried. That site started sounding line those commercials with Tom Selleck selling 0% reverse mortgages to seniors and Alex Trebek selling nine dollar life insurance to 85 year old seniors. Please research what you’re pushing.

    • Well, as I mentioned in the podcast, I kinda did the ultimate research — my sister in law is using one, and I’m quite pleased and impressed by it. We’re not “pushing” it (we get nothing for mentioning it). It does use a cellular connection, and there is a monthly fee, but it’s within the family’s budget, so again — having done that real-world research I felt confident mentioning it.

      OF COURSE do your own research when considering any purchase. But as I said, we get nothing from mentioning this. I just though it, and my sister-in-law’s reaction to it, was cool.


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