TEH 143: Apple’s new geekiness, Windows TPM, advances in security

In This Episode: Apple’s new geekiness, Windows TPM, advances in security

This week the TEH Podcast is hosted by Leo Notenboom, the “Chief Question Answerer” at Ask Leo!, and Gary Rosenzweig, the host and producer of MacMost, and mobile game developer at Clever Media.

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Top Stories

  • 0:46 GR: Apple announcements
    • 1:00 New phone, ipads, software
    • 3:04 Recovery contact
    • 4:38 New authentication
    • 5:40 Thiefproof tracing
    • 6:10 Image text selection
    • 6:21 Visual lookup
    • 8:40 Private relay
    • 9:00 Hide my email (LN: not anonymous)
    • 13:06 Voice memos (skip silence)
    • 14:00 LN: Google voice to text
    • 18:00 Phone features
    • 20:15 Video focus
  • 23:30 LN: Passwordless signin
    • 25:50 Windows 11 TPM (Trusted Platform Module)
    •  29:23 How I got mine working, why it’s so controversial, and a little about what it’s supposed to be.
    • 30:00 Windows 11 release, Oracle vs. TPM
  • 35:00 GR: The Mac equivalent is the T2 chip built into Macs. The T2 does a lot more than just TPM: listening, video compression.
  • 39:00 Securuty issues?

Ain’t it Cool

  • 41:26 LN: Mundane coolness: I replaced the battery on my Dell XPS 15 laptop this morning.
    • 45:00 Mac battery management
    • 45:30 and Tesla
  • 47:40 GR: Re-read Neuromancer

BSP: Blatant Self-Promotion


52:54 Gary takes a pic of Leo’s image and image recognition nails it… Corgi!!!!

2 Comments on “TEH 143: Apple’s new geekiness, Windows TPM, advances in security

  1. Sorry for the late comment, I am way behind in listening to your podcasts.
    Android phones since at least Android 11 have had the Google Lens app that is integrated into the camera app that does what you call visual lookup. It does a pretty good job of identifying plants and automobiles. I have not tried it with landmarks.
    Lyft uses passwordless login.


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