TEH 155: Ranting on spam, Return to Streaming Music, and NFTs

In This Episode: Ranting on spam, Return to Streaming Music, and NFTs

This week the TEH Podcast is hosted by Leo Notenboom, the “Chief Question Answerer” at Ask Leo!, and Gary Rosenzweig, the host and producer of MacMost, and mobile game developer at Clever Media.

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Top Stories

  • 0:57 GR: Predictions playing out (love statistics).
  • 5:15 LN: I need to rant a little (re spam). SO MANY problems with respect to email all boil down to spam and, more correctly, efforts to mitigate spam.
    • Moving from server to server.
    • 10:20 IMAGINE THE COST (and frustration!) of spam to everyone!
    • 16:12 What it would take to control it.
    • 20:00 Charge for emails?
    • 23:10 What domain owners can do.
    • 26:00 Google Apps/Workspace going pay-only
    • 31:00 one domain serviced by protonmail.com
  • 32:45 LN: Re: Spotify.
    • YouTube Music turned out to be a surprise contender for me. (incl w/ YouTube Premium)
    • 34:50 Family plan
    • 39:40 GR: The ap, how ads work… creators still get paid. Premium better than adblocker.
  • 42:37 GR: Follow-Up on NFTs (‘NFTs are a scam,’ says indie game store Itch.io.)
    • Read on The Verge or The Atlantic
    • 45:15: Buying stuff in a game.
    • 49:00 LN: Like collecting Beanie Babies
    • 51:00 Explain it like I’m five… Not!
  • 51:39 LN: Winter Olympics
    • 52:00 Peacock
    • 55: 20 Lag and camera angles, different focus
    • 57:00 Streaming confusion creating reduced audience
    • 59:40 GR: Streaming differences create “spoilers.” Movies, TV series, Olympics… Superbowl

Ain’t it Cool

  • 1:04:10 LN: Reading: “Termination Shock” by Neal Stephenson
    • 1:06:06 TV: Reacher & Raised by Wolves.
  • 1:07:40 GR: TV Time loop series: Reset (Search “Reset YoYo” on YouTube)
    • 1:12:02 Apple TV+: movie CODA gets Oscar nomination
    • Don’t Look Up: Netflix gets Oscar nomination.
    • 1:12:40 LN: Amazon Oscar nominations. Being the Ricardos.

BSP: Blatant Self-Promotion

5 Comments on “TEH 155: Ranting on spam, Return to Streaming Music, and NFTs

  1. Well I’m glad you two won’t be going to Joe Rogan for medical advice because Rogan doesn’t give medical advice. He interviews people, at length, and asks intelligent difficult questions. He occasionally interviews highly respected and accomplished people at the top of their field, like Dr. Malone. Malone is not a quack doctor. He was one of the pioneering researchers who helped develop the mRNA vaccine but you would never know that if you only listen to the mainstream news. Honestly, I had to turn last weeks podcast off, you two were so ignorantly off base I was actually embarrassed FOR you. My advice, stick to things you know about like computer technology. Or at least listen to the podcast you are reporting on. Best wishes.

    • Joe Rogan made the claim that he was not making claims, just the media for other people to talk. However, he is the gate keeper and only allows those that match HIS opinion to talk. That is not a neutral feed of information.
      Dr. Malone can be both a creator of mRNA and a quack.
      Dr. Linus Pauling has TWO NOBEL AWARDS but was totally a quack in his promotion of Vitamin C to prevent the common cold.
      Dr. Oz may be a respected heart surgeon but has pushed scams on his show and promoted a doctor that claims that HIV doesn’t lead to AIDS. The stress of thinking that HIV leads to aids is what leads to it.

      People need to test Dr. Malone’s theories in comparison to others in the science community. Joe Rogan as a pusher of his theory is not where you will find real discussion on it.

  2. Forwarding an email in the Google service … we have a business account and do this, we set up a “group” which is the email address coming in, and add the forwarding address as a member. Also turn on a couple of “allow outside” settings. No need to use an alias like you describe.

  3. I’ve been using YouTube to listen to music for years. It wasn’t a conscious decision. I just found it very practical and it does a pretty good job of finding following songs.
    I’ve rarely come up with a song they don’t have. This TEH podcast is getting me to think about using the paid service to get rid of the ads.


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