TEH 151: Is NFT an opportunity or a scam? From Magic public keys to digital Beanie Babies.

In This Episode: Is NFT an opportunity or a scam? From Magic public keys to digital Beanie Babies.

This week the TEH Podcast is hosted by Leo Notenboom, the “Chief Question Answerer” at Ask Leo!, and Gary Rosenzweig, the host and producer of MacMost, and mobile game developer at Clever Media.

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Top Stories

  • NFTs (Non Fungible Tokins)
  • Disclaimer!
  • 4:51 LN – Let’s start with tech background of Public key cryptography
    • 5:41 Algorithmic cryptography (i.e. rot13)
    • 7:29 Symmetric cryptography (i.e. password)
    • 8:04 Asymmetric cryptography (aka public key)
    • 11:20 Block chain and “Ledger”
    • 12:19 How it’s both public and secure
    • 13:00 Decentralization makes it more secure
    • 14:42 Quick overview
    • 15:31 Why a “block chain”
    • 16:15 … And then NFTs – Define fungible for the umpteenth time (replaceable)
    • 18:30 What’s inside the NFT?
  • 20:30 GR – Doesn’t necessarily include ownership
    • 22:00 How it applies to ownership
      • Does owning an NFT give you the copyright on a piece of art? Probably not. Probably most buyers think it does.
      • No, NFTs aren’t copyrights
    • 24:00 How it relates to governments
    • 26:50 1% of the NFT crowd understands it, 99% pretend they do
    • 27:00 Mushy copyrights
    • 29:20 People don’t look at the details
    • 31:15 NFT art isn’t like a painting or a baseball card because those things have a real value association and you actually own the item, not a “certificate” associated with the item.
    • 32:50 NFTs have some real potential in being a decentralized system of who owns what. But if major governments collapse, then who cares?
    • 33:15 Scarcity creates value… but digital can be copied
    • 35:55 Compare to physical property
  • 38:50 The technology has potential
    • 40:50 GR – NFT scam alert. Particularly in games.
    • 47:00 Are NFTs scams? Definitely, no. But there are a lot of scams using NFTs or the NFT name.
    • 48:38 NFT tickets to events. What’s wrong with just tickets? This makes it more difficult.
    • 51:00 GR – Or, maybe this is actually a redistribution of wealth so let’s hush up.
    • 52:30 Acknowledge: By talking about it now, we may look like fools later on. That fact makes me not want to talk about it… But what if that is happening to everyone else too, so no one’s talking about it?
    • 55:28 We know just enough to be worried…
    • 57:00 Tim Ferris: “NFTs make Crypto(currencies) look like treasury bonds”
    • 1:00:00 Etherium Block chains and NFTs creating a revenue stream for creators
    •  1:02:10 DAOs:  Why can’t a DAO exist without a blockchain? Why voting?
    • 1:04:10 Early days… lots to be seen. Compare to Ponzi scheme

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