TEH 024: Everything Really Was Everywhere

In This Episode: Traveling with tech. Three Breaches of the Week. Do hobby bloggers have to comply with the EU’s new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)? That’s a definite …maybe. And the dangers of car “fobs”.

This Week’s Hosts

Show Notes

  • In the warmup, Randy talked about changing WordPress themes, replacing Canvas (which won’t be supported much longer) with GeneratePress. Kevin is bringing in interesting guests for his Atari Podcast, and Leo talked about using tech on his overseas travel, and asked about how Randy’s wife is getting pictures home. Gary finished up his latest game app (Windword, not published yet), and Ken has started a new job since his last appearance here (Episode 5 in December) with Automattic, the makers of WordPress.
  • Leo came up with three “Breaches of the Week” to talk about: Chilis Restaurant lost at least some customers’ credit card data, British phone company Everything Everywhere screwed up by not setting passwords, and Facebook was implicated in leaking information of people who did a stupid “personality quiz” (don’t do that!)
  • Ken gave us a rundown on the GDPR: do you have to conform to some foreign regulations about data privacy just for your own little blog? The answer is a resounding maybe. Ken provided links for Automattic’s informational page, and a WordPress plugin that helps sites to conform to the EU cookie law.
  • And Randy warned about becoming complacent with walking away from your car with the engine running, because you don’t have to turn a key to turn it off. The New York Times reports that at least 28 people have died that way.

1 Comment on “TEH 024: Everything Really Was Everywhere

  1. About getting used to auto shut off in cars …

    My new car has an auto-hold feature so I don’t have to keep the brake pedal pressed to stay stopped at lights, etc. I’ve not used this and am very wary, precisely because I might then do the same when driving a different car.

    But fault would be mine, not the car manufacturer.

    If I drive a manual after an auto, I can’t expect the same behavior and I need to use the vehicle differently; same for auto shut off — it’s the owners responsibility to be intelligent and careful.


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