TEH 023: Connect THIS, Facebook

In This Episode: Facebook helps people connect (awww!) …including radicals like ISIS terrorists. Breach(es) of the Week involve Dasan routers, 7Zip, and Drupal-powered web sites. Verizon plans more bloatware for your phone. Apple says “Shazam!” but the EU says “Wait a minute.”

This Week’s Hosts

Show Notes

  • In the warmup, Randy talked about the book he’s reading, Chasing New Horizons: Inside the Epic First Mission to Pluto by Alan Stern & David Grinspoon. His review of the book is on his blog. Kevin talked about interviewing (for his podcast) Cynde Moya, Collections Manager at Living Computers: Museum + Labs (listen here) and Jack Smyth, co-founder of The Learning Company (here).
  • A study says Facebook helps people connect — including ISIS radicals (Gizmodo), which led to a discussion of “Vaguebooking” for sympathy.
  • Breach(es) of the Week: bad news for folks with Dasan GPON Routers and (some) web sites running Drupal.
  • Verizon bought Yahoo. What does that get you? Bloatware on your new Samsung phone! Oh boy! (Gizmodo)
  • A serious security vulnerability has been found in the archiving utility 7-Zip, says PC Gamer.
  • In Episode 21 we talked about the FCC sending warnings to six technology companies about illegal warranty exclusions (such as “void if you break seal”). Update: those companies are Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, HTC, Hyundai, and Asus. All but Hyundai “still include the language quoted by the FTC in warranty information on their websites.” says The Verge.
  • A Canadian teen who accessed a public information web site was arrested for “hacking” — but has been released, according to a very brief news report, but Kevin gave some details.
  • Apple bought Shazam last year, but the EU is saying that’s got potential for abuse (The Verge again). Gary says Shazam, a music identification app, is now built in to Apple’s Siri, and Randy notes a similar function is built into the Google app: you can simply ask either one, “What’s this song?” If you’ve got a song going through your head, Midomi will try to identify it if you just hum to it.
  • Kevin and Gary worked together to create a new site where you can print out puzzles: great for kids
  • And Gary talked about the tech behind his hiking trips.

4 Comments on “TEH 023: Connect THIS, Facebook

  1. *Please* change the opening sound bite. It’s painfully loud.

    This is one of my favorite hours of the week.

  2. The YouTube TV is playing on demand instead of recording and it seems the broadcaster (CBS for one) requires this behavior.


    • The networks want income. I wouldn’t think they would care if it came from subscription fees or advertising. Hard to believe Youtube wouldn’t have a function to give their viewers what they really want by paying CBS enough to Make It So.


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