TEH 081: To Be Continued…

In This Episode: Kevin’s new puppy. Gary’s new iPhone. Apple Arcade and whether only 100 is really any different than the “top” 100. We briefly discuss a quantum computing breakthrough that maybe both true and not true. A death among Leo’s acquaintances has him reminding us to make sure someone can access your accounts in case of disasters. We then go on to spend most of the episode discussing the state of streaming, the various networks we’re all going to have to sign up for, and how it’s a case of “be careful what you wish for”. We’d never watch an 8 hour movie, but we’ll happily binge watch a 10 episode streaming show. Story arc’s are all the rage, so be sure to tune in next week…

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TEH 080: Now In 3D!

In This Episode: Kevin’s blowing his AV budget. Leo spent time behind the camera. Gary follows up on last week’s Apple announcement, and is eagerly awaiting a new iPhone. Netflix is losing more than just subscribers. MoviePass is no longer. People will over-react to a LastPass issue. Subscription models leads to better software.

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TEH 067: A Man Goes on a Journey, and a Stranger Comes to Town

In This Episode: Infocom on Github. Amazon and Google kiss and make up. The SpaceX “anomaly”. Microsoft “loses control”?! And how to detect hidden surveillance cameras with your phone.

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TEH 063: 500 Channels …$10 Each

In This Episode: Listeners invited to Meetup in Denver. Apple’s big announcements. The hottest chat app for teens is…. AT&T’s “5G” still isn’t. Robocalls.

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TEH 057: We See the Light!

In This Episode: The incredible advances in LED lighting. Come to a MeetUp with us! How to lose $137 million in cryptocurrency. Can electric airplanes help fix pilot shortages? Lookaline URLs, AI-generated spices, and Apple slaps Facebook.

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TEH 053: The Mechanical Clock Enthusiast Hour

In This Episode: OK, not an hour on clocks, but some! Timepieces, new monitors, and streaming TV (oh my!) Plotters, pens, and Bandersnatch! And space is grabbing our attention lately, with Ultima Thule and the moon.

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TEH 023: Connect THIS, Facebook

In This Episode: Facebook helps people connect (awww!) …including radicals like ISIS terrorists. Breach(es) of the Week involve Dasan routers, 7Zip, and Drupal-powered web sites. Verizon plans more bloatware for your phone. Apple says “Shazam!” but the EU says “Wait a minute.”

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