TEH 081: To Be Continued…

In This Episode: Kevin’s new puppy. Gary’s new iPhone. Apple Arcade and whether only 100 is really any different than the “top” 100. We briefly discuss a quantum computing breakthrough that maybe both true and not true. A death among Leo’s acquaintances has him reminding us to make sure someone can access your accounts in case of disasters. We then go on to spend most of the episode discussing the state of streaming, the various networks we’re all going to have to sign up for, and how it’s a case of “be careful what you wish for”. We’d never watch an 8 hour movie, but we’ll happily binge watch a 10 episode streaming show. Story arc’s are all the rage, so be sure to tune in next week…

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TEH 075: It’s Not a Bug, It’s a Feature!

In This Episode: Dogs falling of cliffs, GPS systems failing, the Zoom privacy issue that wasn’t really an issue at all, different ways of recording the podcast, using AI to make it look like you’re looking at the camera, Europe’s GPS goes down, and some interesting GPS tracking scenarios.

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TEH 058: Relatively Normal to Aggressive Usage

In This Episode: Using a password vault is not enough: you need something else too…. How Randy was convinced to upgrade his computer from Win 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro. Hard drive (the spinning kind’s) reliability. That’s right: USB cables can be weaponized. AT&T sued for saying its phones are “5G” now.

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TEH 055: Stop Judging Kevin

In This Episode: This week we go to the dogs. Bulging batteries. Massive email/password breach: what to DO about it? (Not much!) Can robots “love” us? (Eh.) The end of robocalls? (Maybe!) And does “screen time” really “change kids’ brains?”

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TEH 033: I Am Root!

In This Episode: It doesn’t have to be a “data breach” to be a real screwup, so how to protect yourself? Corgis, Coffee and Vodka, oh my! British Airways screws up the concept of privacy. Cisco screws up the concept of security. The surprising way 12 new moons of Jupiter were discovered. Satellites using …film?! And the tech behind TEH.

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