TEH 080: Now In 3D!

In This Episode: Kevin’s blowing his AV budget. Leo spent time behind the camera. Gary follows up on last week’s Apple announcement, and is eagerly awaiting a new iPhone. Netflix is losing more than just subscribers. MoviePass is no longer. People will over-react to a LastPass issue. Subscription models leads to better software.

This Week’s Hosts

  • Leo Notenboom, “Chief Question Answerer” at tech education site Ask Leo!
  • Gary Rosenzweig host and producer of MacMost, and mobile game developer at Clever Media.
  • Kevin Savetz, web site publisher and Computer Historian at Atari Podcast.
  • Longer Bios on the Hosts page.

Show Notes

  • Kevin’s moved and looking to build out his new AV room, and getting tempted by some very very nice equipment, leading to a discussion of satellite, cable, 4k, 8k and whatever happened to 3-D? He also tells us how to get into his garage using a not-very-secure garage door opener. (Mentioned: KnowBe4.com.)
  • Leo’s behind the camera recording a presentation for a nonprofit — complete with overdriven mic (Leo’s fault for not testing first). (Mentioned: Rode wireless go.)
  • Gary discussed some of the items presented a the recent Apple event. He’s got a new iPhone on order that he should be able to pick up later this week.
  • Kevin stumbled into an interesting article on Variety (via the iPhone Google App) that noted that NetFlix is no longer the number one source of download traffic on the internet — having been eclipsed by all the other video providers online, except YouTube, in aggregate.
  • Related? MoviePass is no longer, leading to even more discussion of video, streaming, and how Gary’s tree was causing him grief.
  • Leo rants about the expected over-reaction to the announcement of a LastPass (fixed) vulnerability.
  • Gary rants about how subscription software supports developers and leads to better software in the long run. Leo chimes in that paying for something as important as security software (like LastPass) he wants to pay to give them the incentive to keep the software excellent. In the process we discover that there really is a subscription model even for common place hammers.

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