2 Comments on “TEH 072: Sign in with Who?

  1. As always I enjoy your podcast. Today as I was motoring across Uzbeckistan I was surprised that Google FI was not mentioned in the discussion of International Internet connectivity. I’ve been using FI since the Pixel2 was released. It just works almost everywhere with no increase in data or text costs. We rarely actually make an actual intenational phone call as we use Whatsap which works better for us. And to sweeten the pot they provide data cards for free for other tablets and phones in the family. Everybody wins

  2. Just back from vacation in Wyoming. Our week in Yellowstone was basically zero AT&T, no internet in hotels, no connectivity at all – in supposedly advanced USA! Our one Facebook was on top of a mountain with enough height to get signal and a three minute upload for one photo.

    Do you have a link to the 6502 book? My grandparents Christmas gift back in 1977 was the 6502 hardware and programming manuals (which sadly I don’t have both, any more); I used to be able to read 6502 code straight from the hex dump.


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